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Matvienko urged to discuss the work of private operators on the railway

MOSCOW, March 22 Speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko announced that she intends to raise the question of the work of private operators on the railway, so that during the mobilization period in the economy they would work in the interests of Russia. – the speaker said on Tuesday at a meeting with the leadership of Russian Railways. Then, according to her, they took something delicious – they unhooked the cars, privatized them for a penny. “This is a commercial activity, but today we have a mobilization economy and, I think, we need to put these private operators so that they work for the country, and not for making money. They don’t work like that in a mobilization economy,” Matvienko said. She added that “tomorrow and at the Security Council of the Russian Federation” she intends to raise this topic. -content/u ploads/2022/03/3070df8a2c3e8420dd12f31bd885db2a.jpg” />Yesterday, 15:55 The Federation Council proposed to conduct scientific and methodological examination of textbooks


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