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Federation Council commission to discuss ensuring sovereignty, Klimov said

MOSCOW, March 24 activities of the “fifth column,” said the head of the commission, Andrey Klimov, during a briefing at the Rossiya Segodnya news agency. are directly related to counteracting the destructive activities of the so-called “fifth column”.March 10, 11:16 Klimov called the moratorium on the death penalty a sovereign right of RussiaThe senator noted that earlier, within the framework of the commission, legislators stated that “over the past three years, it was possible to significantly strengthen domestic sovereignty, primarily in the financial and economic sphere and in the field of information The federal laws adopted with our participation made it possible to drastically reduce the opportunities for those who openly worked in Russia in the interests of foreign anti-Russian centers. Most of the people who betrayed the Fatherland have already fled overseas to their true masters,” the politician said. However, as Russian President Vladimir Putin said, states unfriendly to us will rely on the so-called “fifth column”, on national traitors, Klimov emphasized. In this, the main goal of the actions of the collective West is the destruction of Russia, he believes.


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