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The scientist revealed the secrets of nutrition centenarians

MOSCOW, 23 Mar. American scientist Dan Buettner told the Eat This, Not That portal about the categories of products that cannot be found on the dinner table of centenarians. There are five “blue zones” on Earth – places with the highest concentration of people over 100 years old. These include Italian Sardinia, Japanese Okinawa, an area in California, Greek Ikaria and Costa Rican Nicoya. Representatives of all regions have similar eating habits – they eat a lot of whole grains and legumes, and also regularly drink red wine. Residents of these regions try to avoid some foods. These include fast food, which increases blood pressure and cholesterol levels, increases the risk of obesity and heart attack. Buttner also said that you should not eat flour products and sugar-containing foods, including soda. Experts recommend limiting sugar to 28 grams per day (seven teaspoons). An increase in sugar in the diet increases the risk of diseases of the cardiovascular system, diabetes, obesity and a reduction in life expectancy. In addition, it is recommended to minimize meat (especially red) and meat products – bacon, sausage, etc. in the diet. The latter contain a lot of salt and preservatives, processed meat products increase the risk of coronary heart disease by 18%, red meat – by 9%.


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