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US responds to North Korean missile launch

North Korea missile launchWASHINGTON, Mar 24 US military aware of North Korean missile launch, condemn such actions by Pyongyang and are consulting on this issue with South Korea, Japan and other allies, reports the Indo-Pacific Command of the US Armed Forces (INDOPACOM). “We are aware of North Korea's ballistic missile launch today and are in close consultation with South Korea, Japan, and other allies and partners. The United States condemns these actions and calls on North Korea to refrain from further destabilizing actions. Although we assessed that this event is not poses an immediate threat to the military and the territory of the United States or our allies, we will continue to closely monitor the situation,” the command said. North Korea on Thursday launched near the Sea of ​​Japan, one projectile, presumably a long-range ballistic missile. It is reported that the launch was made at a higher angle, the South Korean military suggest that the missile was fired “vertically”. According to the Yonhap agency, we can talk about a new intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) of the DPRK “Hwaseong-17”. According to the latest information from the Japanese Ministry of Defense, the alleged DPRK missile fell at 15.44 local time (09.44 Moscow time) 150 kilometers west of the Japanese Oshima Peninsula prefecture of Hokkaido. The Japanese military estimated that a ballistic missile allegedly fired by the DPRK was in the air for 71 minutes, covering a distance of 1,100 kilometers and reaching a maximum flight altitude of more than 6,000 kilometers, which significantly exceeds the performance of the Hwaseong-15 ICBM tested in 2017. .Seoul conducted its own tests in response to North Korean missile launch


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