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American figure skater rushed to hospital after falling at Worlds

MOSCOW, March 25 American figure skater Ashley Kane-Gribble was taken to hospital after falls during a free program in the competition of sports couples at the World Championships in Montpellier (France), according to the website of the US Figure Skating Federation. Kane-Gribble, who paired with Timothy Leduc, fell three times in the first two minutes of her program. During the third fall, the skater hit her chin on the ice and was no longer able to get up. For some time she lay and sat on the ice, after which she was taken away on a stretcher. Kane-Gribble and Leduc, who were second after the short program, were forced to withdraw from the competition. “Kane-Gribble was taken to the hospital for additional examination and observation,” the message says. Their compatriots Alexa Knierim and Brandon Fraser won the competition. Japan's Riku Miura and Ryuichi Kihara were second, Canada's Vanessa James and Eric Radford were third. Leduc was recognized as the first non-binary person in the history of the Games at the Beijing Olympics. Non-binary people do not categorize themselves as “male” or “female”, some of them prefer to be addressed using the pronoun “they”.


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