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Fighter “Azov” spoke about the fear of nationalists in front of the Russian Air Force

MiG-35 multifunctional front-line fighter on the territory of the State Flight Test Center of the Russian Ministry of Defense. V. P. Chkalov in Akhtubinsk. Archival photo DONETSK, March 25 Russian aviation horrified the militants of the Ukrainian nationalist regiment “Azov” (a criminal case has been initiated against its fighters in Russia), a member of the regiment who surrendered, Alexei Smykov, told RIA Novosti. According to him According to him, he allegedly did not want to participate in the battles.

"For all those days that I had seen enough, I honestly had no desire. We arrived at one place, they ironed us all day, the second (place) – planes ironed all day. Honestly, for the first time I saw people … you know, they sat down like this (shows – ed.), look into nowhere and sit. They went "cuckoo", as I understand it", – says Smykov.

He added: “For myself, I understood for sure that I didn’t want all this.” Smykov told how he was captured . On March 2, he was sent to deliver two British NLAW grenade launchers to the Nazi SS Bear formation. I managed to survive. For four days I crawled in the field, then I crawled out on the guys from the DPR and gave up, it was around the 6th,” says Smykov. .jpg” />Captured Ukrainian Nazis have a lot to tell


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