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Russia will continue to look at the UN for ways to solve the problems of civilians in Ukraine

Private residential building in Melitopol destroyed by shellingMOSCOW, Mar 25Russia will continue to look at the UN for ways to solve the humanitarian problems of the civilian population of Ukraine, said Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova. . Despite its plausible title, the document is replete with inappropriate politicized language that is incompatible with the tasks of providing coordinated effective assistance to the civilian population of the country,” the commentary posted on the agency's website reads. Zakharova reminded the UNHCHR of those who died in Odessa in 2014. In practical terms, the adoption of a General Assembly resolution means little, she pointed out. “In the absence of a decision by the UN Security Council authorized to give humanitarian organizations and specialized structures of the UN system “on the ground” with appropriate mandates and security guarantees, they are still deprived of the tools necessary for their activities,” Zakharova said. Moscow is grateful to all the states that did not support the Franco – the Mexican resolution, despite the unprecedented anti-Russian campaign of Western countries at the UN site, the representative of the Foreign Ministry pointed out. South Africa's initiative to submit an alternative draft humanitarian resolution to the GA deserves special thanks, she noted, the text had a good chance of gaining broad support from developing countries.Nebenzia called the resolution of the UN General Assembly on Ukraine pseudo-humanitarian “However, the Ukrainian delegation, using procedural tricks in an attempt to prevent such a scenario, proposed to remove the South African project from the consideration of the General Assembly as irrelevant and pro-Russian. Most member states were disoriented and preferred to withdraw from the vote, which allowed the Western colleagues to achieve the desired result,” Zakharova stressed. “Thus, a dangerous precedent is being created when even the issues of providing humanitarian assistance are politicized to suit the interests of individual countries, and an artificial split is introduced into the ranks of member states. Against this background, Russia will continue efforts to jointly with numerous well-minded delegations to look for ways to solve the aggravated humanitarian problems of the civilian population of Ukraine,” the representative of the department concluded. no worse, said the Ministry of Defense


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