GENERICO.ruWorldThe head of the EC said that the EU will not allow to pay for Russian gas in rubles

The head of the EC said that the EU will not allow to pay for Russian gas in rubles

Gas production company. File photoMOSCOW, Mar 25European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said the EU would not allow payments for Russian gas in rubles, Reuters reports. rubles would be a violation of the anti-Russian restrictions imposed by the European Union

"This would be an attempt to circumvent the sanctions. We will not allow our restrictions to be circumvented,” von der Leyen said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with government members on March 23 that Moscow is converting payments for gas supplies to unfriendly countries into rubles, since it is delivering Russian goods to the European Union and the United States and receive payment in their currency does not make sense. At the same time, the head of state announced the continuation of deliveries of blue fuel in the volumes and at prices fixed in the contracts, since the state values ​​its reputation. On the morning of February 24, Russia launched a military special operation to demilitarize Ukraine. According to the Ministry of Defense, the armed forces strike only at military infrastructure and Ukrainian troops. In response, the Western countries approved a series of new sanctions against Russia, and in Europe statements about the need to reduce dependence on Russian energy resources began to sound louder. about the stalemate of the West in the situation with gas


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