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US announces sanctions against Russian companies for ties with North Korea

View of the Kremlin in Moscow. File photoWASHINGTON, Mar 25The United States announced sanctions against a Russian citizen and organizations of China and North Korea for violating sanctions against Iran, North Korea and Syria, according to the State Department.

" sanctions against five organizations and individuals located in Russia and the DPRK, one organization in the PRC", the message says.

Russian Ardis Group, Profpodshipnik and Igor Michurin were subjected to sanctions, the report said. The restrictive measures were taken in response to “the transfer of sensitive materials for the North Korean missile program.” The sanctions were announced for two years, the agency indicates. The restrictive measures were taken as part of the non-proliferation act adopted against Iran, Syria and the DPRK.North Korea confirmed the test launch of an intercontinental ballistic missileSanctions have also been imposed against the Second Academy of Natural Sciences of the DPRK International Bureau; North Korean citizen Ri Sung Chol, State Department spokesman Ned Price said in a statement. “, – said in a statement. Price indicated that “the imposition of sanctions against organizations from the PRC continues to draw attention to the role of organizations from the PRC in distribution, the PRC's track record and weak export control efforts.” “We will continue to slow down these programs and use our sanctions powers to detect foreign suppliers, such as these organizations in China and Russia, that provide sensitive materials and technologies to the DPRK and Syria,” he said. .jpg” />The United States imposed sanctions against two Russians for assisting the DPRK's missile program


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