GENERICO.ruCultureBoombox leader Andriy Khlyvnyuk was wounded by shrapnel

Boombox leader Andriy Khlyvnyuk was wounded by shrapnel

First aid has already been given to the musician.

Boombox band leader Andrey Khlyvnyuk, who at the beginning of the war served in the defense of Kyiv, and now – in the patrol police, was injured. On his Instagram page, he wrote that he had come under mortar fire, reports with reference to

In one of his stories, he wrote: “For my listeners from Russia, here What kind of Nazis are you fighting? He also added that their convoy had lost two pickup trucks, but said he was confident the volunteers would handle it.

< img src="/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/606689014bb9be3d8f97b474b7f444e8.jpg" /> sang the song “Chervona Kalina” on Sofia Square, which was later remixed by the South African musician The Kiffness. The song quickly became popular all over the world.


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