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EU allows Spain and Portugal to introduce measures to reduce energy prices

EU logoMADRID, Mar 25 Spain and Portugal will be able to introduce their own measures to reduce prices for electricity, such a decision was made at a meeting of EU leaders in Brussels, said the Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez. This is the most important achievement that both governments have been able to achieve.As reflected in the conclusions of the European Council, Spain and Portugal, starting today, can apply emergency measures, for a certain time, to reduce the price of electricity for our consumers, for our industry and for our companies,” Sanchez said at a joint press conference with Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa. ecb4.jpg” />The Spaniards refused to end the strike caused by rising fuel pricesThe head of the Spanish Cabinet explained that these measures must be approved by the European Commission, which, in turn, undertakes to do this urgently. When deciding on the “Iberian exception” was taken into account the extremely low degree of connectivity of the Iberian Peninsula electricity grid with the rest of the EU – only 3%. “This is an emergency, temporary measure … which will allow both governments to reduce energy prices,” Sanchez explained. content/uploads/2022/03/df6ad2b702b63d9a5ca7bef28a154186.jpg” />Anti-Russian sanctions are killing the European economy


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