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Biden needs Ukraine as a consumable against Russia, US says

MOSCOW, 27 Mar. US President Joe Biden is using Ukraine as a consumable to confront Russia, American journalist Glenn Greenwald writes on his blog. As the observer noted, starting in 2014, Washington not only pushed Kyiv to vigorously militarize, but also sent its military advisers and intelligence officers services for training the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Much of the sophisticated weaponry that the United States pumped into the republic ended up in the hands of neo-Nazi battalions integrated into its army, the author recalled.16:04 The British attacked Zelensky for trying to provoke a third world war “All this looks like a form of de facto NATO expansion without official membership in the alliance,” Greenwald reflects. According to the journalist, the United States was building up Ukraine's military capabilities in order to use it as a “proxy” for a long struggle with Russia. As specified in the publication, for eight years the US government has severely suppressed any discussions about the need to negotiate with Moscow and avoid confrontation in Eastern Europe. At the same time, Western political scientists and experts who called Ukraine the sphere of Russia's vital interests were accused of “lack of patriotism” and “pro-Russian sentiments,” Greenwald complains. in the war,” the observer is convinced. On February 24, Russia launched a special operation to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine. President Vladimir Putin called its goal “the protection of people who have been subjected to abuse and genocide by the Kiev regime for eight years.” At the same time, as Putin stressed, there is no question of the occupation of Ukraine.


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