GENERICO.ruWorldFormer CIA chief predicts US problems due to Biden's intemperance

Former CIA chief predicts US problems due to Biden's intemperance

MOSCOW, 28 Mar. American General David Petraeus negatively assessed the statements of US President Joe Biden about Putin, and also predicted difficulties for the United States due to the intemperance of their leader. In a commentary for ABC News, the former NATO commander in Afghanistan, who headed the Central Intelligence Agency under Barack Obama management, said that Biden was indeed clearly speaking “on emotions”. “that discipline in speech has its merits. Authorities later said it was clearly an unplanned moment – on top of the feelings of this emotional moment. And, you know, this will cause problems in the future,” Petraeus said. Previously, Joe Biden, while visiting in Poland, said that Ukraine “will never be a victory” for Moscow and the Russian leader “cannot remain in his post.” Later, the White House clarified that the president did not mean a change of power in Russia, and then he himself answered the corresponding question in the negative. The word is cuckoo. Biden refused to “overthrow” Putin


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