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Miners from the LPR spoke about the peculiarities of work during hostilities

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LUGANSK, Apr 8 after about 40% of male workers went to the front, employees of the mine told a RIA Novosti correspondent. The mine is located an hour's drive from Lugansk, its depth is more than 600 meters. The agency correspondent went downstairs and looked at her work.Ukrainian troops are shelling the village of the mine named after Lenin in Gorlovka. The descent on the lift from the surface takes about five minutes, after – about 15 minutes you need to drive two kilometers by electric train. Then the same amount on foot – the electric train does not go any further, because the tunnel is sloping. During the trip to the place of work of the miners, it gradually becomes hotter, and it is more difficult to breathe, there is more and more coal dust in the air. In addition, closer to the place of work of the miners, there is practically no light – only from the lanterns. You have to walk along boards and rails laid on the floor. “We work both for ourselves and for those who are there (at the front – ed.),” the miners say. According to the deputy director of the mine, about 40% of the men who worked at the mine went to the front.Ukrainian troops shelled the village of the Trudovskaya mine in DonetskThe work is hard: in the place where a huge combine extracts coal, breaking rock and immersing it on a belt that brings it to the surface, it is difficult to breathe for an unprepared person, and the heat is like in a bathhouse. At the same time, in the “lava” – a tunnel 140 centimeters high (you have to go almost crawling) – it is very narrow and dark. Despite the fact that the ventilation works well, air flows are felt, pieces of coal dust literally feel light. Miners work waist-deep naked because of the heat – and they have to work not one shift a day, but an average of two – 12 hours instead of six. As Dmitry Milichev, the head of the labor protection shift service, told reporters, in a normal situation, miners work 140 hours a month – now 180 hours, 40 more than usual, and in a day. is he. He added that coal production is on average 2,800 tons per day, sometimes more can be mined per day – 3,000 tons.


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