GENERICO.ruWorldGoogle Translator began offering to replace "dear Russians" with "dead" ones

Google Translator began offering to replace “dear Russians” with “dead” ones

Google on ipadMOSCOW, 9 Apr. When translating the phrase “dear Russians” from English, the Google Translate service suggests replacing it with “dead Russians”. If you enter the phrase “dear Russians” in the translator, the program offers autocorrect, where the adjective “dear” (expensive) changes to the word “dead” (dead). Screenshot from the Google Translate website does not see the error. Earlier, Roskomnadzor banned the distribution of Google advertising and the company's information resources for numerous violations of Russian law.Restrictions apply to Google Search, Google Play, YouTube, YouTube Music, Google Chat and Gmail and will remain in effect until removed violations. Search engines are required to inform Internet users that these individuals are violating the law.Screenshot from Google P Translator


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