GENERICO.ruWorldThe second Ukrainian city dismantled the monument to Pushkin

The second Ukrainian city dismantled the monument to Pushkin

The pedestal on which the monument to Alexander Pushkin was located in TernopilMOSCOW, April 9 Monument to the Russian writer Alexander Pushkina was dismantled by decision of the authorities in the city of Ternopil in western Ukraine, according to the website of the Ternopil City Council. said in the message. The mayor of the city Sergei Nadal noted that the authorities had no choice. “The crimes of the Russians against the Ukrainian people… There is no explanation for these crimes. They leave us no choice. Everything Russian must be dismantled. Including the monument to the Russian writer,” the mayor's words are quoted on the website. Previously, the bust of Pushkin was dismantled in the city of Mukachevo in western Ukraine .Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stated that the Ukrainian authorities have been pursuing a policy of aggressive de-Russification and forced assimilation for many years. monument to soviet soldiers


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