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Twitter banned RT account

MOSCOW, 8 Apr. Twitter has restricted access to the Russia Today page, according to the telegram media channel.

"Twitter has blocked the RT account. The social network did not like the post about the captured military AFU, who told how he was abandoned by the command. We have appealed the blocking decision,” the statement said.

On March 2, the European Union banned the distribution of the signal and content of Russia Today and Sputnik amid the Russian operation to demilitarize Ukraine, the decision was published in the EU’s official journal. In particular, the appendix listed the following organizations: RT – Russia Today English, RT – Russia Today UK, RT – Russia Today Germany, RT – Russia Today France and RT – Russia Today Spanish, as well as Sputnik without specifying details. In Russia, the actions of European authorities to restrict the work of domestic channels and websites have caused sharp criticism. The head of the Presidential Human Rights Council, Valery Fadeev, sent a message to the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, Teresa Ribeiro, urging her to take steps to comply with press freedom standards due to the harassment of Russian-language publications.Yesterday, 13:06 YouTube blocked the video of Zakharova's briefing for “violation of policy” The situation with Russian publications in the West has become more and more difficult in recent years. In November 2016, the European Parliament adopted a resolution stating the need to counter the Russian media, with Sputnik and RT named as the main threats in the document. A number of Western politicians, including US senators and congressmen, as well as the President of France, accused them of interfering in the elections, but did not provide any evidence. Official Russian representatives called such statements unfounded.


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