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DNR fighters find drugs on Ukrainian positions

AFUDONETSK, April 10 Deputy commander of the 100th brigade of the People's Militia of the Donetsk People's Republic Alexander Laevsky told reporters that after the assault on the positions of Ukrainian militants, drugs were found there. He explained that now his units are fighting with the 54th brigade of the Ukrainian armed forces, which was formed from nationalist units in 2015. According to Laevsky, this was done to legalize nationalist battalions, such as Azov, against whose fighters a criminal case was initiated in the Russian Federation. they force them there. They are forcibly driven, and one of the factors is this: they meet at the positions when you enter, a lot of all kinds of drugs. Psychotropic drugs. There are drugs. I think the Ukrainian servicemen are under some kind of filth. Under some kind of drugs. Basically “, – said Laevsky.


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