GENERICO.ruWorldMedia: US intelligence said that Russia could interfere in US elections

Media: US intelligence said that Russia could interfere in US elections

U.S. flagWASHINGTON, Apr 9 U.S. intelligence says Russia could use Western aid to Ukraine as a pretext for “interference” in US domestic politics, including elections, but has not yet found any evidence of this and has not determined which candidates it can support, writes the Associated Press. Russia categorically denies accusations of trying to help Donald Trump during the presidential campaigns 2016 and 2020, the first of which was crowned with a victory for the Republican, and the second with his defeat. Biden pointed out misplaced bluster in Ukraine speech”Given [President Vladimir] Putin's antipathy towards the West and his constant denunciations of Ukraine, officials believe he may see US support for the Ukrainian resistance as a challenge to himself, which will be an additional motivating factor for action against another U.S. election,” the publication says. Intelligence agencies have found “no evidence” that Putin “sanctioned measures similar to those Russia is believed to have taken during the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections.” years in support of former President Donald Trump. “It is not yet clear which candidates Russia may try to promote and what methods to use to do this,” the article says. The U.S. midterm congressional elections are coming up this fall, and the next presidential election will take place in 2024, where a new fight between Trump and Biden is possible. Antonov announced the threat of a direct military confrontation with the United States


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