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Cherysheva, editor-in-chief of Sputnik Meedia, banned from leaving Estonia

Sputnik CEO Elena CheryshevaMOSCOW, Apr 11Elena Cherysheva, editor-in-chief of the Sputnik Media information portal, told RIA Novosti that, by a court decision, she was banned from leaving Estonia. The Estonian authorities released Cherysheva last week, who was detained by special services on April 6 on suspicion of an alleged crime against peace, as well as violation of international sanctions. “After a 16-hour search, they took me to the detention center (detention center). Then they took me for interrogation, then there was a trial, the prosecutor demanded two months of arrest. days,” Cherysheva said. According to her, “now everything is confiscated – equipment, telephones, cash,” Cherysheva noted. Earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that the accusations against Cherysheva were absurd. The Russian Foreign Ministry also stressed that Estonian “champions” of freedom of speech have moved from intimidation tactics to “state terror”.Moskalkova condemned the detention in Estonia of the editor-in-chief of Sputnik MeediaIn early March, the Estonian Internet information portal Sputnik Meedia announced the cessation of work due to pressure and restrictions from Estonian banks and authorities, as well as because of threats against their employees. As editor-in-chief Elena Cherysheva stated at the time, for a year banks in Estonia froze employees' salaries and closed Sputnik Meedia accounts on the basis of suspicions of “money laundering, terrorist financing, illegal sale of alcohol.” In addition, recently many newsmakers have refused to cooperate with the portal, and the editor-in-chief and employees have been receiving “blatant threats from obscure personalities.” Sputnik Meedia was created by former employees of Sputnik Estonia, which, after four years of work, was closed two years ago because of threats to the Estonian police.


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