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Kosachev told why Russia now does not make sense to return to the Council of Europe and PACE

MOSCOW, April 11 It makes no sense for Russia to return to the Council of Europe and PACE in their current configuration , over time, new institutions will arise, new politicians will appear, then the dialogue with Moscow will become more in demand, said Konstantin Kosachev, Vice Speaker of the Federation Council. “There is no point in returning to these organizations in their current configuration. By and large, in the 90s Russia she entered there not only on the wave of rather romantic ideas and expectations, but also in a completely different historical context,” the politician told RIA Novosti.April 1, 10:11The Foreign Ministry advised PACE to “keep swimming in Russophobic bile”According to him, we were going to another Europe. The one that we knew around the end of the 20th century with its ideological and media diversity, openness to cooperation, universalism in observance of human rights and many other attractive features. which nominal principles have lost their universality (as we have clearly seen in the example of the attitude to the rights of Russians), freedom of the media is becoming more and more conditional, and the multi-party system, all these former Christian or social democratic parties, have been replaced by “50 shades of gray” liberalism. against – “populists”, “fascists”, or “Kremlin agents”, – said Kosachev. Therefore, Russia is, one might say, a retro-European state. It personifies a Europe that no longer exists. Or not yet, he added.March 16, 08:12The Foreign Ministry called the Council of Europe a NATO propaganda tool”I'm not a lawsuit at all I bet that many Europeans, who are already horrified by the immersion of their countries in some kind of deeply anti-democratic frenzy and ostentatious unanimity, will try to return to the roots,” the parliamentarian said. “The end of history” is a chimera, the process will develop, new institutions will emerge, new politicians will appear, Kosachev noted. “Then the dialogue with Russia will become more in demand,” he concluded. As superfluous


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