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Marine Le Pen: Hardened Politician, Mother of Three and Rock 'n' Roller

Marine Le Pen after the announcement of the preliminary results of the first round of the French presidential electionPARIS, Apr 11Marine Le Pen once again participates in the presidential elections in France. Having inherited the National Front party from her father, she was able to make it the country's third party. What she had to go through and what she has in life, except for politics – in the material of RIA Novosti. The head of the now “National Association” is running for the third and last time. “Now I want to win,” she says, but promises to give up presidential ambitions in case of failure. According to the results of counting 97% of the votes, Le Pen is four percent behind the incumbent French President Emmanuel Macron (27.6% for Macron against 23.41 % for Le Pen). The second round of the presidential elections will take place on April 24. She is 53 years old. The fate of Marion Anne Perrin Le Pen, in Marin's baptism, was determined by the “National Front”. This right-wing sovereignist party was founded by her father in 1972. The daughter did not remain in the shadow of the bright and controversial figure of Jean-Marie Le Pen, continuing the family business. True, not without disappointments, betrayals and difficult relationships with loved ones.The French no longer believe in miracles Being the daughter of an odious politician “Politics is part of my existence,” Le Pen herself admits. According to her own recollections, this same politics “brutally” and “brutally” broke into her life when she was eight years old. Unknown people tried to blow up their house. Several kilograms of explosives toppled the building, but the Le Pen family was not injured. “This night of horror was enough for me to understand that my father was involved in politics,” Marin recalls in her autobiography. At the Lycée Florent-Schmitt, where she studied, she also I had to plunge into a hostile environment because of my father’s political orientation, endure ridicule and insults. “Very quickly I learned the cruelty of politics when I was a little schoolgirl,” she said at a rally in Reims. “I was forced to pay for my father’s position.” Himself The girl rarely saw Jean-Marie, so she coped with the difficulties at school herself. This is confirmed by the words of the father: “I think that the name Le Pen has advantages and disadvantages. At school (his children – ed.) Sometimes there were problems. You can say that the daughters were ridiculed, but nothing that would require the intervention of parents “. The family's fame and the scandals associated with it inevitably put Le Pen's children at risk. One of these episodes was the divorce of her parents. Her mother Pierrette left the family hearth when Marin was 16 years old. The girl learned about it at the exit from school from her sister. A high-profile public divorce followed. Later, in one of the issues of the erotic magazine “Playboy” from July 1987, her mother posed in the form of a naked maid. After that, Marin's girlfriends amused themselves by bringing these magazines to her, and the girl herself disowned her mother, saying that it was worse than losing a parent. The daughters stayed with their father, breaking off contact with their mother for 15 years.Ukraine is costing Macron dearly. Will there be a new president in France? It wasn't easy here either. Higher French educational institutions were overflowing with leftist ideas. The nationalism that her father's party was accused of was considered a ridiculous and vulgar relic of the past. -Assas, a girl practiced as a lawyer in the 1990s. Colleagues appreciated her for her perseverance. Marin's specialty was the defense of immigrants who did not have permission to live in France – not trivial for a member of a party that opponents condemned for nationalism. “She received no political education, at all,” her father shares in an interview with French But adds that at the same time “Marin lived in politics.” He prepared his eldest daughter Marie-Carolyn for the political path: he sent her to study at Oxford and wanted to entrust her with the party after himself. But life judged otherwise.Yesterday, 21:44 Le Pen said she wants to be president for all the French At the helm of the party In 2011, Marine Le Pen was elected head of the National Front. Immediately after that, her relationship with her father began to deteriorate rapidly. In order to gain power and change France, it was necessary to get rid of the marginal image. Therefore, Marin set out to change the “devilish” image of the National Front. First, the politician initiated the exclusion of her father from the party, and then announced a complete break in relations with him. In the presidential elections in 2012, she took third place, receiving 18% of the vote in the first round – the best result of the “National Front” at that time. In the presidential elections of 2017, Marin managed to reach the second round with 21.3% of the vote, where she lost to Macron with a twofold backlog. By this campaign, the politician had lost 12 kilograms. The following year, the party was renamed the “National Union”. Marin came to the current elections with a moderate and politically correct program, leaving Erik Zemmura, a newcomer to politics, on the far right. The one whom Marin's niece Marion Maréchal-Le Pen had given her preference to, depriving her aunt of her support. This is not the only unpleasant surprise in this election campaign. Several of her close associates also defected to Zemmur.Zemmour urged to vote for Le Pen in the second round of electionsSpecial relations with RussiaMarine Le Pen has stated several times that there is nothing illegal in the annexation of Crimea to Russia, since it took place as a result of a referendum. The politician has repeatedly spoken about the unwillingness of the French to see Ukraine as part of the EU. Her vision for the future of the European Union is a Europe of sovereign nations, not the United States of Europe. She defended the right of the French to decide whether to leave the EU. Le Pen advocated an alliance with Russia and its inclusion in the European security architecture, which should not be confused with NATO, a militaristic militaristic organization, in her opinion. At the current stage of the Russian-European confrontation the politician calls for a dialogue with Russia in order to prevent Moscow from completely turning towards China. Sings and dancesDespite her active political career, Marin did not forget about her personal life. She has three children and two broken marriages. Le Pen is a cat lady. They write that she moved out of her father's house precisely because her Bengalis did not get along with her father's Dobermans. The tabloids claim that Marin smokes like a steam locomotive, dances rock and roll and conquers everyone with her directness and bursting laughter. She loves to sing, prefers the work of Dalida. On the eve of the vote, Le Pen said that France is ready for the first woman president in its history.


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