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Tatalina's mother spoke about “vulgar jokes and suggestions” to her daughter

MOSCOW, 11 Apr. The mother of the freestyle world champion Anastasia Tatalina spoke about the strange behavior of the athlete's coach Nikita Vasilyev. According to Oksana Tatalina, the coach could afford insults, obscene suggestions and obscene language against her daughter. 2016-2017, when Nastya got into the national team, she was then 15 years old, relations from Vasilyev were familiar. This applied to all members of the team, including Nastya. Everything depended on the mood of Vasiliev and coach Daniil Kalachev. Swear words were always present in their speech, this was considered the norm. Moral principles for Vasiliev are generally absent. Humiliation, insults, ridicule towards Nastya. This gave both Vasiliev and Kalachev pleasure. Vulgar jokes, offers of an intimate nature on the part of Vasilyev, especially in the 2019 season, caused a serious injury to Anastasia & # 34;, – leads & # 34; Sport-Express & # 34; freestyle mother's words.


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