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Americans complain about financial difficulties due to rising gasoline prices

Los Angeles gas price display, USAMOSCOW, 12 Apr. The French company Ipsos, together with ABC News, conducted a sociological study among US residents and found that almost half of Americans are experiencing financial problems due to rising fuel prices. In addition to the question about gasoline, respondents were asked about their attitude to American politics. Thus, 45% of respondents supported the policy of US President Joe Biden in the situation with the Ukrainian crisis, 53% expressed disapproval and two percent found it difficult to answer. 27% of Americans supported the establishment of a no-fly zone over Ukraine by NATO forces. Biden's policy on fuel prices was supported by 31% of the study participants, 68% were against it, and one percent was undecided. At the same time, 49% of respondents admitted that their families had financial difficulties due to rising fuel prices, with 21% reporting “serious” problems, and 29% calling their difficulties “not serious.” Russia launched a military demilitarization operation on February 24 and denazification of Ukraine. In response, Western countries announced large-scale sanctions against Moscow, primarily in the banking sector and the supply of high-tech products. Selected brands have announced they are no longer operating in the country.Germany called anti-Russian sanctions economic suicideThe Kremlin called these measures an economic war, the likes of which have not yet been. The authorities stressed their readiness for such a development of events and assured that they would continue to fulfill social obligations. The Bank of Russia is taking measures to stabilize the situation on the foreign exchange market. The authorities also announced the transfer of payments for gas supplies to unfriendly countries into rubles. In addition, the government has prepared a plan to counter restrictive measures, which includes about a hundred initiatives. The volume of its funding will be about a trillion rubles. After Russia launched a special operation in Ukraine, US President Joe Biden announced a ban on the import of energy resources from Russia, after which their prices began to rise rapidly. As Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak noted, the rejection of Russian oil could lead to catastrophic consequences for the global market and cause a jump in its price to $300 per barrel or more.Worst crisis since World War II warned in Germany


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