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Antonov: The State Department seeks to “denigrate the political system of objectionable countries”

US Department of State building in Washington DC. File photoWASHINGTON, Apr 13 Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov, in connection with the publication by the State Department of the report on the situation with human rights in the world for 2021, said that the State Department seeks to “denigrate the political system of objectionable countries.” Tuesday, the US State Department, in its 2021 State of Global Human Rights Report, routinely accused the Russian authorities of all sorts of violations, from extrajudicial killings to the inability of the population to peacefully change the government. The report does not cover the period of the special operation in Ukraine. In Russia, such statements are categorically rejected. The list of claims has not undergone significant changes compared to the previous report, which the Kremlin then declared disagreement with. Antonov stressed that before condemning other countries for violating human rights and freedoms, Washington should take care of solving its own problems. According to him, racism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and other manifestations of intolerance are on the rise in the United States, as well as unprecedented Russophobia continues. , Antonov said in a statement published on the embassy's Telegram channel. He is perplexed by the fact that the United States does not support the annual resolution of the UN General Assembly against the glorification of Nazism. Antonov also noted the inhumane policy of the US authorities against immigrants. He added that Washington is hushing up cases of torture and inhuman treatment of prisoners in the Guantanamo special prison.


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