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In Ukraine, calculated the cost of the Easter basket

Per kilogram cake home will have to spend 134 hryvnia.

The average cost of Easter basket in Ukraine in conditions of martial law in 2022 will amount to 972 USD, which is 191 UAH (24.6%) more than last year, reports with reference to UNIAN.

As reported on the website of the National Research Center «Institute of Agrarian Economics», this year the cost of 1 kg of homemade cake, the main component of the Easter basket, will increase by 11.7% compared to 2021 — up to UAH 134.

«Most Ukrainians will have to save on the traditional set of products, some will have to reduce the amount of the product in the basket, others – by refusing its more expensive part (homemade sausage, boiled pork , cheese) or use  cheaper products, and some will limit themselves to traditional Easter eggs and Easter cake», — said the director of the department, Yuri Lupenko.

According to experts, the average price of eggs in the country remained at the level of the beginning of April last year (UAH 36 per 10 eggs), while prices for other products increased by 11.7-58%.

The largest increase in prices fixed for meat products: homemade sausage – 260 UAH/kg (+23%), boiled pork – 270 UAH/kg (+24%), lard – 158 UAH/kg (+58%).

Among dairy products: butter expensive by 22.8% compared to April 2021 Year – 280 USD/kg (52,85-59,55 USD per pack 200 g), cheese – 25% to 300 USD/kg, soft cheese -. 55%, 180 UAH/kg

horseradish price is 14 USD per 250 g, which is comparable to last year

In the case of additions Easter basket others. , non-core ingredients: tomatoes, cucumbers, apples, red wine – its cost will increase to 1210 UAH. . It is 247 UAH or by 25.6% more than the cost of a basket of the same composition in 2021.

So, in comparison with 2021 year the price of vegetables rose in 1.9-2.1 times: greenhouse tomatoes (0.5 kg) – up to 48 USD (84-115 USD per 1 kg), cucumbers (0.5 kg) & # 8212; 60 USD (80-148 USD per 1 kg). The average price of apples remained at the level of last year – 10 UAH per 0.5 kg (14-25 UAH per 1 kg)

sacramental wine bottle & # 171; & # 187 Cahors;. the average price of 120 USD in the country. (80-135 UAH per bottle).

The calculation of the cost of the IAE Easter baskets made based on the data of the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, monitoring in urban markets and retail prices in supermarkets, on average in the regions on 1 April 2021.


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