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Pushkov allowed the tightening of the law prohibiting the equalization of the USSR and the Nazis

MOSCOW, Apr 13 Law prohibiting identification of the role of the USSR and Nazi Germany in World War II can be significantly tightened taking into account political practice, one of its authors, Senator Alexei Pushkov, believes. Earlier on Wednesday, the document was approved by the Federation Council. “One can, of course, think about tightening sanctions. I don't think that, given the moral situation in our society, we will encounter a wave of such equating (the role of the USSR to Nazi Germany). But in the case if we see that we are facing such real violations, then it is in our power to make the appropriate amendments and significantly tighten the law, already taking into account political practice,” he said at a meeting of the Federation Council.March 5, 08:00Europe is afraid of denazificationDuring the discussion of the law, Senator Nikolai Ryzhkov said that he would vote against it, since the amounts of fines provided for by the document are so small that support for the law would be “a violation of any ethical norms in relation to those people who died in the name of the future. “Pushkov stressed that the law is largely “symbolic” in nature. “Of course, these violations, in terms of their ethical content, do not correspond to the punishments that are provided for in it. It is important here that we raised this topic at all and moved from public condemnation to a legislative ban on such actions,” he said.January 28, 14:51 Burbock declared Germany's responsibility to the countries of the former USSR


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