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Putin “stopped all coronaviruses” in the world, Lukashenko said

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko during a trip to the Vostochny CosmodromeVLADIVOSTOK, Apr 13 strong> President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko told Russian President Vladimir Putin that he “stopped all coronaviruses in the world.” “We need to think about everything when everything is over. There is also the fact that the situation has been aggravated. But it is beneficial to someone. Yesterday I told Putin : listen, you did a good job – war is war, but you instantly stopped all coronaviruses in the world, everyone recovered,” Lukashenka told reporters. told how he suffered COVID-19 after being infected with “omicron” He noted that many specialists associated with the identification of new strains quickly became rich. Lukashenka added that the world is now being redistributed. “What role did the pandemic play in this? I still (don’t know), but I’m inclined to this (that it played a big role). Probably, this fact will be. When we compare everything, we will draw conclusions. But the Belarusian path turned out to be correct and now everyone in demand,” the President of Belarus noted. “We (in Belarus) are doing well. We will soon figure out the coronavirus and evaluate both the pros and cons. I don’t want to say that we did everything right there. But over the entire period of time there have been about 8 deaths there were only thousands,” Lukashenka said. According to him, “there should not be too much.” He noted that it is necessary to walk outdoors without a mask.


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