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Valieva described her emotions towards the Olympics

MOSCOW, April 13 2022 Olympic champion Kamila Valieva believes that there is no need to idealize the Olympics, since for an athlete it is a goal in a career, but not in life. Valieva, as part of the Russian team, won the team tournament of the Olympics. Later it became known that Valieva's doping test dated December 25, 2021 was positive. The Court of Arbitration for Sport, despite the appeals of the International Olympic Committee, the International Skating Union and the World Anti-Doping Agency, allowed the Russian woman to the individual tournament of the Games, where she took fourth place.

"There is no need to idealize the Olympic Games. For an athlete, this is certainly a career goal, but not a lifetime goal. Sports life ends sooner or later, so the Games should be treated more calmly. What has figure skating taught me? Never give up. Sport builds character, and also teaches you to feel beautiful on the ice and in life. Much that is formed in me thanks to figure skating helps in everyday life", Peopletalk quotes Valieva.

“For the time being, I don’t want to think about what I will do after the end of my sports career. Most likely, it will be close to figure skating or next to it: ice shows, modern dances. There were moments when you wanted to quit everything? I think everyone has had this, it's normal and it passes if you really like what you do. Now all my energy and strength are aimed at figure skating and everything connected with it. And part of the forces for study, “the figure skater added.


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