GENERICO.ruSportShcherbakova answered the question about continuing her career

Shcherbakova answered the question about continuing her career

MOSCOW, April 13, Andrey Smmonenko. Olympic champion Russian figure skater Anna Shcherbakova said she intends to prepare for the next season. On Wednesday, Shcherbakova performed at the Eteri Tutberidze show in Moscow. Earlier, the skater stated that she did not rule out ending her career after the past season. “In early May, there will be a vacation, there will be a complete opportunity to recover and relax. There are no plans for the programs yet. I am preparing for the next season, but I am not learning new quads at the moment. Quadruple rittberger trained when I was going to perform at the World Championships, but then I focused on the pure rental of programs. When there were plans for the World Championships, there was more enthusiasm to teach him,” Shcherbakova told reporters. nervous. It still happens, now there was not enough six-minute warm-up to feel the ice. I'm trying to fix it. I do more choreography, I look into the eyes of the audience, “said the figure skater.


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