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The Kremlin will monitor the fate of Medvedchuk

MOSCOW, April 13 The Kremlin will monitor the fate of the leader of the Ukrainian Opposition Platform — For the Life” of Viktor Medvedchuk and call on European politicians to do so, said the press secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov. it.10:23The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine laid siege to Zelensky after the offer to exchange MedvedchukPeskov called everything that happens with Medvedchuk a vivid illustration of what the Kyiv regime is. According to him, the lawsuit against the head of the opposition party is politically motivated and far-fetched. The Kremlin representative added that the Ukrainian politician has always advocated normal, mutually beneficial and partnership relations with Russia. This position was open, and the oppositionist did not conduct behind-the-scenes relations with Moscow.

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"By the way, if at one time these ideas of his, the ideas of his party were taken into account and would form the basis of the state policy of Ukraine, then there would be no military operation", Peskov added.

Speaking about Ukraine's proposal to exchange Medvedchuk for military personnel, the Kremlin spokesman recalled that the politician is not a citizen of Russia and has nothing to do with the special operation. It is also unknown whether he himself wants Moscow's participation in resolving this situation. At the same time, the press secretary thanked Medvedchuk for his participation in organizing the exchange of detainees and resolving humanitarian issues over the past few years.12:51The aggravation of the situation in the DPR and LPRMedvedev called the Ukrainian authorities freaks for methods of influencing MedvedchukOn Tuesday, the Security Service of Ukraine reported the detention of Medvedchuk, who, according to the prosecutor's office, disappeared at the end of February. President Volodymyr Zelensky offered Russia to exchange the politician for captured Ukrainians. According to a member of the international committee of the Federation Council, Sergei Tsekov, Medvedchuk could have been detained more than a month ago and he was held as a hostage all this time. Russia launched a special operation in Ukraine on February 24. President Vladimir Putin called its goal “the protection of people who have been subjected to bullying and genocide by the Kiev regime for eight years.” For this, according to him, it is planned to carry out “demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine”, to bring to justice all war criminals responsible for “bloody crimes against civilians” in Donbas. .jpg” />12:29The aggravation of the situation in the DPR and LPRZakharova reacted to the plans of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine to “extort testimony” from Medvedchuk


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