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Kills the liver: WHO warned of an outbreak of a viral disease in children

The organization says there are at least 169 known cases so far. At least one child has died.

The World Health Organization has recorded at least 169 cases of hepatitis infection of unknown origin in children in 12 countries. Seventeen children required liver transplantation. One child died. li>Spain 13;

  • Israel 12;
  • USA 9;
  • Denmark 6;
  • Ireland 5;
  • Netherlands – 4;
  • Italy – 4;
  • Norway – 2;
  • France – 2;
  • Romania – 1;
  • Belgium – 1.
  • What are the symptoms?

    The disease manifests itself as acute hepatitis (inflammation of the liver) with a pronounced increase in the activity of liver enzymes. In many cases, patients complain of gastrointestinal symptoms, including abdominal pain, diarrhea, and vomiting, preceding severe acute hepatitis. In most cases, high temperature and fever are not observed. In 74 patients, adenoviruses were identified that cause acute respiratory diseases in humans.

    Mostly children aged from 1 month to 16 years are ill. Seventeen patients (approximately 10%) required liver transplantation. At least one child has died.

    Investigations are ongoing in countries where the disease is on the rise, which includes detailed clinical and exposure histories, toxicology tests, and additional microbiological tests.


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