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Russian tourists are expected in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka RailwayCOLOMBO, Apr 26 Many Sri Lankans express words of support Russia and President Vladimir Putin, and they are also waiting for Russian tourists to visit, RIA Novosti correspondent reports. “President Putin is strong. He is respected in Sri Lanka, he is a man of his word. The leaders of European countries and this (US President – ed.) Biden – not reliable,” says tuk-tuk (island motorcycle taxi) driver Damini. At the same time, he showed a portrait of Putin, which he pulled out of his wallet. , Hikkaduwa and Halle told a RIA Novosti correspondent that tourists from Russia are expected and hope that the flow of guests from the Russian Federation will resume at the same volume. “There are few European tourists, mainly from Germany. But before the pandemic there were always a lot of Russians, and now they are the majority. They are generous and cheerful. We really hope that the Russians will be able to come as before. This is important for us, especially in the current crisis that is now in our country, “said the administrator of the restaurant in Halle.Russians continue to relax in Sri Lanka, despite the default on the islandIn Sri Lanka, food and fuel prices rose against the backdrop of the economic crisis. For more than a month and a half, electricity has been cut off daily for several hours a day. Anti-government demonstrations continue in different cities. At the same time, representatives of the tourism industry and residents of resort settlements create all the necessary conditions for the rest of the island's guests. The stores have the necessary products, at gas stations, tourist minibuses refuel without a queue. In many hotels and cafes, menus and signs are in Russian.


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