GENERICO.ruSportWild spoke about the removal of Russia from international tournaments

Wild spoke about the removal of Russia from international tournaments

MOSCOW, April 27, Sergey Pogrebnyak. Two-time Olympic winner Russian snowboarder Vik Wild in an interview responded to Austrian Benjamin Carl, who had previously expressed regret about the exclusion of Russians from international competitions. Earlier, Russians and Belarusians were suspended from participating in international competitions due to the aggravation of the situation in Ukraine. Karl stated that he will miss the Russians during the tournaments. “It seems funny to me that people pay so much attention to this athlete and his words. I am sure that he did not talk about this topic for more than a few seconds. We should pay more attention to Russian athletes and their opinion.The media has a strong influence on public opinion in the West.Now everyone wants to react quickly to the news, not always delving into its essence.If everyone takes more time to deal with this issue, perhaps we will be allowed to compete in the next year,” said Wild. Read the full interview with Vic Wild at


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