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The Chinese admired Putin's words about “lightning strikes”

Russian President Vladimir Putin. Archive photoMOSCOW, 28 Apr. Readers of the Guancha portal commented on the statement of Russian President Vladimir Putin about his readiness to “reply with lightning speed” to those who want to intervene in the situation in Ukraine. Many users called on the Chinese authorities to do the same with ill-wishers.Western arms supplies to Ukraine will not change the course of the operation, Basurin said “Putin again raised the nuclear shield and warned the West that a large amount of high-level military assistance to Ukraine is already crossing Russia's red line,” one reader noted. “We feel the same the most that our nation is also mocked! I support Putin! I support the Russian people in the fight against American imperialism!” wrote another commenter. “When can we also openly state: if someone tries to intervene in the situation in the Taiwan Strait and threaten China, we will respond with lightning speed?! I look forward to this day,” lamented another user. they're talking about you,” Calyz suggested.Naryshkin: Poland plans to occupy its “historical possessions” in Ukraine the leader. It is necessary to hit on the most vulnerable spot. Russia openly put out its hand, striking at the hegemony of the United States,” the readers summed up. Russia launched a special operation to denazify and demilitarize Ukraine on February 24. As Putin emphasized, its goal is “to protect people who have been subjected to bullying and genocide by the Kyiv regime for eight years.” The ministry called the liberation of Donbas the main goal of the operation.Read the full text of the article on the InoSMI website>>The Foreign Ministry said about US interference in Russia's affairs because of the situation in Ukraine


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