GENERICO.ruWorldA refugee from Mariupol told how the Armed Forces of Ukraine fired on civilians

A refugee from Mariupol told how the Armed Forces of Ukraine fired on civilians

Mariupol. Archival photoROSTOV-ON-DON, April 29, Yulia Nasulina.For almost a month and a half, Vladimir Khabarov, a worker at the Mariupol Ilyich Iron and Steel Works, was forced to hide in a bomb shelter under the plant along with his family and other civilians. It was then that Ukrainian troops settled in neighboring buildings. Khabarov told RIA Novosti about what the militants were doing, and what civilians have been waiting for for a long time. Two meters of concrete “When they started shooting at the end of February, my wife and daughter went to the bomb shelter under the Ilyich plant, where I worked as a mechanic,” says Khabarov. About 150 people managed to hide behind reinforced concrete blocks two meters thick, most of them factory workers with and without families. After some time, the Ukrainian military already occupied the building of the plant opposite. “They took two Kamaz trucks of food from the canteen of the plant, there was only 500 kilograms of meat, different cereals … At first they fed us, then they gave food only to children, and then they stopped giving children,” – Vladimir recalls. The kitchen had to be organized on the street. “They put a barrel, and cooked food on it. They scooped out the water that was in the mines of the bomb shelter, and poured it into the soup,” he said. The generator was turned on for 1-1.5 hours a day, “to warm up and drink tea.” Then a bomb flew there. hand fell off,” he said. After this incident and intensified shelling, they practically stopped going outside, and the “kitchen” was moved to the stairs inside the bomb shelter.The refugee told how the security forces beat him for a week for criticizing Zelensky. They just wanted to survive. Later, the coal that was used for cooking began to run out, and several people went to the factory to get it. “They come running later, they say -” Sanya “Azov” (against the fighters of the “Azov” detachment in Russia criminal cases were initiated) shot in the leg. We thought we'd heal him. We took a stretcher with Kolya, we arrive, and at first they wounded him in the leg, and then they simply finished him off to death. This is a man who did not even have a weapon. The guys just wanted to survive,” Khabarov said. He recalled seeing civilians shot by the Ukrainian military on Boyko Avenue. “Even when Ukraine stood there, people walked along the avenue, thought it was safe there, but they were simply shot. A man is lying, and he has a hole in his forehead … It can be seen that the sniper was sitting, playing around and shooting at civilians, “he said, specifying that he saw about 30 civilians killed.” Kolya also told me when he was on Mirny (a village in Mariupol), I had to walk 1.5 kilometers for water. Here, he says, I'm walking with a bucket of water, and the sniper is sitting in the bucket “choo” – and the water has flowed. By the time it arrives, the water will run out. I was just practicing,” Vladimir recalls.A refugee from Kyiv told how he was offered to star in a fake about Bucha “Who are you?” – “Russia” People sat in a bomb shelter until April 8th. “At 8 am on April 8, they knocked on our door. We asked:“ Who? ”, -“ Russia ”. We immediately opened the door for them to evacuate. units. We thought they would shoot everyone. They probably didn’t want to just let us out, or maybe they were hiding behind us, “Khabarov said. Later, as he learned from a message from the Russian Ministry of Defense, on April 15, the Ilyich plant was completely liberated from Ukrainian nationalists. Together with his wife and daughter, Vladimir, like many other refugees, was evacuated to the Rostov region. They were assigned to a temporary accommodation center in the city of Taganrog, where, according to him, they are treated very well. “We have a small thyroid disease, she cannot live without hormones, and in Mariupol she was without them for 1.5 months, there were no medicines. They began to look here, they are also not there. , got into a conversation, and there the hostess had two packs of this medicine. She shared with us,” he says. time will finally become Russian.


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