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Russian hockey player spoke about moving from Ukraine and attitude in Poland

MOSCOW, 29 Apr. The Russian hockey player of the Polish “Zaglebie” Alexander Vasiliev shared the story of his compatriot moving from Ukraine and attitudes in Poland after the start of the special operation. The hockey player is 32 years old, he played for the Ukrainian “Donbass” and moved to the Polish championship last season.

"It's comfortable here, everything for life is there. <…> There are practically no worries and hassles. In Poland, everything suits, I like living here. <…> It would be interesting to consider citizenship, yes. They offer clubs to apply for Polish citizenship next year if there are any problems with Russian players for the next season. By the way, the attitude in the team has not changed. Of course, all this is discussed. However, my city is calm, everyone in the team understands that we have nothing to do with it. I have good relations with everyone in the team, as well as with the management. Everyone understands everything – we were lucky, everyone is adequate here", – Vasilyev is quoted by the portal "Championship".

The hockey player also spoke about the difficulties of the Russian striker Nikita Milekhin, who plays for Mariupol. “He says: “San, I have no money, no passport – everything is left in Mariupol.” They went to the away game, got up, and it started. They are still Russians – they didn’t leave the house, it’s good that taxi drivers brought food, drink, because “It's not clear who they would be mistaken for when they went out into the street. He told how they made their way, how their buses broke down, how they were stopped at checkpoints. It's scary, very scary. Nikita has only a bag with a toothbrush and shorts – the rest was left in an apartment in Mariupol,” Vasiliev added.
Milekhin is 25 years old, he moved to Donbass in the 2019/20 season, previously the hockey player represented the MHL and VHL clubs, and also played in the North American leagues.


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