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Sandu: Moldovan authorities banned the St. George ribbon as a “symbol of war”

Promotion “George Ribbon”. File photoCHISINAU, Apr 28 The St. George Ribbon has become a “symbol of war”, so the Moldovan authorities had to ban it for the sake of the safety of the Moldovan society, the head of the republic, Maia Sandu, said on Thursday. “The St. George ribbon was not a symbol of victory until 2009 “Unfortunately, it became a symbol of war, so it had to be banned. It is unacceptable that in Moldova some citizens walk around with signs of war and promote war, we protect the safety of our citizens, so this law had to be adopted,” Sandu said on air channel Rlive. She stressed that the ban will not affect the celebration of Victory Day, moreover, the president believes that it is necessary to honor the memory of people who gave their lives for peace. Sandu added that May 9 will be a day off in Moldova for people to celebrate Victory Day. The President called for rallying around the world that all countries need. In Moldova, on April 20, the ban on the St. George ribbon and the symbols V and Z came into force. The St. George ribbon consists of three black and two orange stripes, it is an integral part of many military awards of the Russian Empire, the USSR and the Russian Federation. At the beginning of the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine in 2014, this symbol was used by militia fighters and volunteers who fought on the side of the DPR and LPR against the Ukrainian security forces. The Latin letters Z and V are painted on the sides of Russian military equipment participating in the military operation in Ukraine since February 24, 2022. In Russia, the letter Z has already become an unofficial symbol of support for the operation.


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