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Brazilian mercenary spoke about the service in Ukraine

A Ukrainian soldier at a checkpoint in the village of Litin. File photoBUENOS AIRES, Apr 30 Foreigners in training camps in Ukraine are forced to put up with poor food, lack of hygiene, and many are sick with the coronavirus, Brazilian ex-military Fabio Junior de Oliveira told UOL. He arrived at the Polish-Ukrainian border on April 16, and was taken by bus, along with 60 other foreigners, to the training base. “He only showered twice a week when a truck with showers came. The food did not meet the needs. They did not even have a warehouse for ammunition. Ammunition was stored in a pit, covered with branches, “describes the situation to the media according to di Oliveira. “I know that this is a military situation, but even a bulletproof vest did not fit,” the Brazilian notes. Meanwhile, the training was intense: they taught to shoot on moving cars, preparing for air attacks. However, the Brazilian went through all the training, suffering from coronavirus. “I went through all the training with Covid-19. My whole body ached … I had a fever, my throat hurt. Now I cough up blood,” he said. According to di Oliveira, all the mercenaries in his tent had symptoms of the coronavirus. The former soldier also spoke about a case of suicide, it was committed by a Polish mercenary, he was buried on the spot, two flags were depicted on a wooden cross – Ukrainian and Polish. Di Oliveira, like most members of his platoon, decided to leave Ukraine, he returned to Brazil.

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