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In the US, Republicans refuse to support NATO, writes WP

The United States Congress Building on Capitol Hill in Washington. Archival photoMOSCOW, 30 Apr. Many Republicans in the United States have stopped supporting NATO, writes The Washington Post. Observers of the American edition noticed that during the April congressional vote on a resolution in support of the alliance, 63 Republicans voted against (30 percent of representatives). In 2019, only 22 people from this faction spoke out against a similar document. the results suggest growing isolationist sentiment among Republicans. They correspond to the views of former President Donald Trump, who adhered to the principle of “America first”, journalists believe. According to the authors of the article, Europeans are afraid of the upcoming elections to the US Congress, which could return the majority to the Republicans and revive the foreign policy of the country's 45th president.China warns US of consequences of “weakening Russia” strategy

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