GENERICO.ruRussiaRosfinmonitring added a kung fu coach kidnapped in Melitopol to the register of terrorists

Rosfinmonitring added a kung fu coach kidnapped in Melitopol to the register of terrorists

Rosfinmonitoring added Andrei Golubev, trainer and chairman of the Melitopol Kung Fu Federation, to the list of terrorists and extremists. The telegram channel that monitors changes in the registry drew attention to this.

1Article“Russia does not admit that it is holding such a person captive” . The case of a deputy from Melitopol, who was kidnapped 44 days ago

Golubev's wife wrote that her husband, a former Ukrainian border guard, was taken away from the apartment on the morning of April 6. The RIA Melitopol edition called the kidnappers Russian military.

The list of Rosfinmonitoring includes suspects and defendants under “extremist” and “terrorist” articles, their Russian accounts are blocked. Golubev's name has an asterisk in the registry, which indicates that he is considered involved in terrorism.

Add to list April 29 Alexander Zhukov, Igor Gorlov and Vladimir Zuev, who were born in Melitopol, Zaporozhye region, Yuri Petrov from Zaporozhye, and Aziz Amediev, a resident of Genichesk, Kherson region, were added with the same asterisk.

Both cities are under the control of the Russian military. Telegram channel MelitopolNews wrote that they kidnapped Vladimir Zuev on April 1. We couldn't find mentions of other new members on the list.

1Article“Creating conditions for the unification of the Russian Federation and Ukraine”. After the rallies in the cities occupied by Russia, officials and activists began to disappear


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