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Pushkov gave advice to Zelensky, who condemned Turkey for receiving Russian tourists

MOSCOW, May 2. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky should be offended by the whole of Europe, Federation Council member Alexei Pushkov wrote on his Telegram channel, commenting on Kyiv's claims to Turkey because of Russian tourists. “He should be offended by half of Europe for continuing to purchase Russian gas , but to the second part of Europe for refusing to get involved in the war on the side of Kyiv,” the senator wrote on his Telegram channel, noting that reality will not always be in favor of the Kyiv regime. The day before, Zelensky, in an interview with the Greek TV channel ERT, called Turkey's decision to continue to receive tourists from Russia. After the start of a special operation to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine, the West stepped up sanctions pressure on Moscow. Many countries have announced the freezing of Russian assets, and calls to abandon energy sources have become louder. Against this background, since April 1, Moscow began to accept payments for gas from unfriendly states in rubles in order to get away from settlements in dollars and euros. Vladimir Putin stressed that the refusal to conduct transactions in the Russian currency would be considered as a failure to fulfill obligations under contracts. Since April 27, Gazprom has suspended fuel exports to Bulgaria and Poland due to non-payment. waiting for “bad weather” due to expensive gas


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