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Death toll from Havana hotel explosion rises to 25

At the site of the explosion in Havana, CubaMOSCOW, May 7. The death toll in the explosion at the hotel Saratoga in Havana, Cuba rose to 25, including a citizen of Spain. Earlier, the country's presidential administration reported that the death toll in the explosion at the hotel had reached 22, including one child, 64 people were hospitalized. Rescuers, firefighters, paramedics and police continue to search for survivors under the rubble. “The death toll in the explosion at the Saratoga hotel in Cuba today reached 25 people, 22 victims were identified,” news agency Prensa Latina reported, citing Orestes Llanes, government coordinator in the capital. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez expressed support for the Cuban people in connection with the incident, noting that two Spanish citizens were among the dead and injured. “Tragic news came from Cuba. A Spanish tourist died, another Spanish citizen was seriously injured in a hotel explosion Saratoga,” he tweeted. The gas explosion at the Saratoga Hotel in Havana occurred on Friday morning. The blast wave destroyed the facade of the building up to the fifth floor, and damaged neighboring buildings. The authorities called the incident an accident – the hotel's gas equipment and contractors had the necessary permits and licenses. The Saratoga Hotel, located opposite the Capitol in Havana, was not occupied and was preparing to open on May 10.Putin expressed condolences to the head of Cuba after the explosion in Havana

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