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In St. Petersburg, a member of the Vesna movement was detained after a search in connection with the creation of an NPO that infringes on the personality and rights of citizens

In St. Petersburg, the police conducted searches at the homes of activists of the Vesna movement and their relatives. This was reported in the telegram channel of the organization.

The security forces came to the home of activist Valentin Khoroshenin. All his equipment was confiscated from him, the activist himself was detained.

In addition, the parents of the federal coordinator of “Viasna” Bohdan Lytvyn were also searched. All the equipment was also confiscated from relatives.

Khoroshenin told Sota that the search was carried out under Article 239 of the Criminal Code (creation of a non-profit organization that infringes on the personality and rights of citizens). The status of the activist in the case is still unknown.

In addition, the regional coordinator of the St. Petersburg “Spring” Yevgeny Zateev does not get in touch, Mediazona was told on the move. Sota reports that Zateev has already been detained.

Cases under article 239 of the Criminal Code brought against supporters of the oppositionist Alexei Navalny and leaders of the protest against the transfer of the border of Ingushetia.

Updated and corrected at 14: 58 and 15:32. Added information about the article, in connection with which the title has been changed. Added information about Zateev's detention.

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