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In the Omsk region, the Investigative Committee opened a negligence case due to fires in which more than 100 buildings burned down

In the Omsk region, six streets burned down due to a strong fire, more than 100 buildings were destroyed. This was reported by the regional department of the UK.

The department opened a negligence case (Article 293 of the Criminal Code).

The fire started the day before, on May 6, in the city of Nazyvaevsk and Novoaleksandrovka settlement. There were also fires in the villages of Verblyuzhye, Azovo, Barsukovka, Petrovka, Rostovka, Bogoslovka and gardening “Radist-1”, specifies the Ministry of Emergency Situations.


Consequences of the fire in Novoaleksandrovka/Photo: “Gorod55”

According to preliminary data of the Investigative Committee, a fire in Nazyvaevsk began at a power plant, after which it spread first to dry grass, and then to neighboring buildings due to strong hurricane winds. 88 buildings were destroyed in the city, there were no deaths. In Novoaleksandrovka, 24 buildings burned down, a 65-year-old man died.

As Ngs55 notes, houses were burning “whole streets”. “Gorod55” counted six burnt streets in Novoaleksandrovka. From many houses only chimneys remained, some barracks burned down completely.

The fires started around noon, they were extinguished only by 20:55 local time.

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