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The MP commented on the incident with Russian journalists in Berlin

German police officers. Archive photoMOSCOW, May 7.State Duma deputy Yevgeny Revenko hopes that the German special services will not allow illegal actions against Russian journalists. Earlier on Saturday, the Russian Embassy in Germany announced that a possible terrorist attack against representatives of the Russian media had been prevented. On Friday, a building in western Berlin, where journalists from the Russian RIA Novosti agency and their families live, was attacked, one of the windows was broken, and a canister with wires was found in the ventilation niche during an inspection of the territory. The police squad arrived on call and evacuated the residents, the sappers neutralized the device. According to a source close to police circles, it was a detonator and a combustible substance, the remains of the device were handed over to experts. Authorities are investigating.Tsekov: nationalists could prepare a terrorist attack against Russian media in Berlin”I received this information with alarm. I hope that the German special services will do everything possible to prevent any illegal actions against Russian journalists,” he told RIA Novosti.According to Revenko , such actions are aimed at “silencing the voice of Russia”, and undermine the foundations of democracy. “Now it is really about preserving the basic values ​​of democracy, namely freedom of speech. Nobody heard Russia, it undermines the foundations of democracy,” he said. He noted that “Russia's voice cannot be silenced.” Revenko added that he is confident in the professionalism of Russian journalists who convey Russia's position to the world community. “I am sure that our guys have worked, are working and will continue to work, overcoming all kinds of difficulties and dangers. Russian journalists are truly professional and courageous people who now, in difficult conditions, they are conveying to the world community Russia's point of view on ongoing events,” he concluded. “A clap sounded in Berlin

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