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“We may not be tomorrow”: Lukashenka called on the CSTO countries to unite

MOSCOW, May 16President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that without the speedy rallying of the CSTO member states, “we may not exist tomorrow.” “However, can it be said today that we in our organization are also bound together by bonds of solidarity and support? As recent events show, maybe I “I'm wrong, but it seems not. Why is it worth the prohibition by individual CSTO partners of flights to them by aircraft of national airlines of other members of the organization. Against the backdrop of rabid sanctions pressure from the consolidated West, the postulate of unity and solidarity does not always work,” he said, speaking at the CSTO summit in Moscow on Monday. According to Lukashenka, this can be seen from the voting in international organizations. “With the tacit consent of our partners, Belarus and Russia, contrary to all the laws of international life, at the whim of the West, are being defamed and excluded from international organizations,” the Belarusian leader noted. He pointed out that the West is putting pressure on all the CSTO countries, “tough and unprincipled.” “But for such situations, there is collective mutual support. Without the speedy rallying of our countries, without strengthening political, economic, military ties, we may not exist tomorrow. Our enemies and opponents are systematically loosening the strongholds of allied ties. In this we ourselves partially help I am sure that if we had immediately acted as a united front, there would not have been these hellish, as they say, sanctions,” Lukashenka said. >14:53Putin named the goal of American laboratories in the post-Soviet spaceThe Belarusian leader urged to see how “the European Union votes monolithically, how strong intrabloc discipline they have.” “The question arises – who is preventing us from using this bloc resource? We will simply be crushed and torn apart one by one,” the President of Belarus said. The CSTO summit is being held in Moscow on Monday. The organization includes Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan.


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