GENERICO.ruWorldIn Italy, a new head of the commission in the Senate was chosen after the scandal over Russia

In Italy, a new head of the commission in the Senate was chosen after the scandal over Russia

World countries. Italy. File photoROME, May 18.Stefania Craxi, a representative of the Forward Italia party, was elected as the new chairman of the commission on foreign affairs of the Senate of the Italian Parliament, the askanews news agency reports. , tweet. Then, on the occasion of the Feast of Liberation on April 25, the senator wished everyone a “good holiday” while writing the capital letter Z in the Italian word liberazione (“liberation”). hinder the peaceful resolution of the conflict. Petrocelli, whom the local media dubbed “Comrade Petrov” for his closeness to the Russian Federation, even called on his comrades in the ruling coalition party to withdraw from the “interventionist government”. jpg” />Europe cancels the letter Z On the wave of criticism of Petrocelli, the 5 Star Movement (D5Z), from which he was elected to Parliament, initiated the procedure for his expulsion, and the leader of the political force, former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, called Petrocelli's tweet “shameful.” Over time , which has passed since the beginning of the scandal, more than 20 of its members left the commission, and last week the leadership of the Senate adopted a resolution on its dissolution, thereby achieving the removal of Petrocelli from his post. On Wednesday, the newly assembled commission held a secret ballot to elect a new chairman: despite To the fact that the leaders of the “Movement” had previously stated that the post of head of an important parliamentary body should remain with them, the majority of votes were given to the daughter of the former Prime Minister of Italy in the 80s, Stefania Craxi. Italian publications called the current situation a “failure” and a “knockout” for D5Z. According to the newspaper Corriere della Sera, after the “five-stars” lost leadership in one of the main Senate commissions, the leader Conte convened an emergency national council of the “Movement”. >Swiss insurer Zurich Insurance ditched the “Z” logo


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