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  5. Italy's Five Star Movement casts doubt on country's ruling majority

Italy's Five Star Movement casts doubt on country's ruling majority

Flag of Italy. Archival photoROME, May 18, Sergey Startsev.The leadership of the socio-political “Movement 5 Stars” (D5Z), which is part of the Italian government coalition, has questioned the very existence of the ruling majority in the country, which, according to local observers, indicates a sharp aggravation of the political situation. “The current majority exists only on paper, and not in the reality of daily discussion. We note that even the most elementary principle of honest cooperation is already missing, “says a statement adopted on Wednesday at an emergency meeting of the D5Z National Council.Expert: arms supplies to Kyiv may lead to NATO's participation in the crisisThe document also notes that in recent days the leadership of the movement has “a suspicion that someone wants to see us outside the majority,” and these assumptions were confirmed. “However, the voice of the majority of Italians cannot be silenced,” the members of the National Council emphasize. Commenting on the current political situation, the leader of the D5Z, former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, indicated that “a new majority has actually formed,” which also includes the Brothers of Italy party, which was originally in opposition to the government of Mario Draghi. In this regard, Conte stressed that “the responsibility to maintain the current majority” lies with Draghi. The reason for such a demarche on the part of the D5Z leadership was the results of a vote earlier on Wednesday on the appointment of a new head of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee. Stefania Craxi, a representative of the Forza Italia party, was elected to this key position, previously held by five-star Vito Petrocelli. 12 out of 20 members of the commission voted for her, which suggests that representatives of the opposition Brothers of Italy party also supported her candidacy.France will continue to increase arms supplies to Ukraine, Macron said Petrocelli, who sharply criticized the position of the Italian parliament and government on the Ukrainian crisis, has long been demanded by representatives of all political forces, including the leadership of D5Z itself. However, the “five-star” undoubtedly had in mind to re-elect their representative to this post. So they, in particular, intended to pursue a softer line on the conflict in Ukraine, for example, on the issue of arms supplies to Kyiv. Now these plans are not destined to come true. Craxi has already told reporters that under her leadership, the Senate Commission will firmly support the Draghi government, which is committed to Atlantic values. “, – the informed newspaper Corriere della Sera notes in this regard.