GENERICO.ruWorldMedia: Turkey set conditions for Finland and Sweden to join NATO

Media: Turkey set conditions for Finland and Sweden to join NATO

NATO flag. File photoANKARA, May 18.Turkey is going to hand over to Finland and Sweden, which have declared their intention to become NATO members, a manifesto of ten conditions, the Sabah newspaper writes on Wednesday. Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Monday that Ankara cannot say “yes” to Finland and Sweden's membership in NATO, because it does not may believe their assurances of ties with representatives of the PKK banned in Turkey. If Turkey agrees, NATO, according to Erdogan, “will not be a security organization, but will become a place where there will be many representatives of terrorists.” According to the newspaper, citing its sources, in order for Turkey to be in “allied” relations with these two countries, Ankara's ten conditions must be met. According to the newspaper, we are talking about clarifying the position of Finland and Sweden that the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) banned in Turkey and its “derivatives” are “terrorist organizations.” Turkey, writes Sabah, will demand that Sweden and Finland stop taking members of organizations that Ankara considers terrorist, as well as to stop financial support for Kurdish formations under the guise of fighting the ISIS terrorist group (banned in the Russian Federation). Ankara, the article says, requires NATO member candidates to avoid contact with the leadership of the Kurdistan Workers' Party PKK, as well as to stop the “activities” of members of the organization of Islamic preacher Fethullah Gülen, banned in Turkey. Turkey will demand from Stockholm and Helsinki to expedite the procedure for extradition of wanted members of organizations banned on its territory, and also stop supporting “any actions against the security of Turkey.” Ankara offers Sweden and Finland “make a joint initiative to create a mechanism that will maintain regular consultations and close cooperation with Turkey in the fight against terrorism,” the newspaper writes. According to her, Turkey will ask “to cut off the cash flow of terrorist organizations, to block their bank accounts” in the territory of the Scandinavian countries. accession of Sweden and Finland to the alliance


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